The best online/social platform for OAU students.
We strive to provide the highest quality materials for OAU Aspirants and 100level students, we also provide past questions in the form of CBT practices.
Improve your CGPA with us. You won't regret choosing us.

A place to learn and grow together

Eruditespot provides well detailed material for courses

Considering the workload in OAU and how it affects most freshmen CGPA, Eruitespot has gotten a solution to that by creating a platform for OAU students especially freshmen. On this platform, you can chat, follow, unfollow, post, and also ask questions. We believe in a globalized society, with this platform you can meet any student any irrespective of their parts in department

Why Eruditespot

Best e-learning platform

Erudiespot is the best e-learning platform for OAU students


You can access your courses on any device at anytime.


You can also Shop with us and your goods will be delivered to your hostel doorstep

30+ Courses

Eruditespot provides about 30+ courses cutting across almost all departments and major courses in OAU.

Student Clubs

Students can meet and chat each other up. Creating a society for students is the best thing. Eruditespot gives the best.


Get access to all your courses and past questions which is in form of CBT practices with just a token

“People are guests in our story, the same way we are guests in theirs. But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told.” ― lauren klarfeld

CEO Eruditespot.

Courses offered with about 6 free electives courses
About 267+ students and still counting

At a Glance


Eruditespot is the best online platform  in OAU. Eruditespot is also  the largest community for OAU community 

“Thanks to much for bringing up this idea God bless the team”

Ajayi Victor


“what a nice platform thanks Eruditespot”

Fajana Olumide

Medicine and Surgery, Part 2

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